Is Comic Con Amsterdam suitable for attendees of all abilities? 

The CCAMD team is committed to making sure that all of our fans have an amazing experience but it is a popular event and as such the venue can get very busy and crowded. There is a lot to see, so visiting involves a bit of movement around the building and some periods of standing for autographs and photo shoots. They can also be noisy so please consider your individual needs when deciding whether to attend the event.

I require extra assistance while at the event. What are my options?

Extra Help pass – this is a wristband that identifies you to the crew as someone who needs assistance during the event.

Carers Entry - We offer one free carers entry when accompanying an attendee that requires extra help. This permits access to the event for the sole purpose to assist with the full paying attendee and as such those entering with this pass will not be permitted to take part in any activities as an individual e.g. Photo shoots or autographs.

What does the extra help pass do?

Entrance – Details regarding pass pick up and entry will be confirmed closer to the event.

Photo shoots – You must have a valid ticket for the shoot you are attending but if you make yourself known to the crew member in the area and they will expedite your queuing time. Your carer can assist you right up to the shoot inside the booth and standing out of shot whilst the photo is taken.  Our photo printing is instant and you can collect your print before exiting the booth.  

Talk areas - Where possible we will mark disabled seating but please bear in mind that all seating is on a first come first served basis.  Please ask to speak to the crew who will direct wheelchair positioning or will try to accommodate an aisle seat if possible.   We operated both free and paid talks at events and any paid talks will be advertised beforehand and require a separate paid for ticket. Your carer can accompany you for free to any talks you have access to.

Autograph lines – In most cases we operate a Virtual Queuing system for busy guests. This means that you do not need to queue for long periods. You (or your carer) collect a numbered ticket at the beginning of the day in the signing area and return any time after that number has been called. As an attendee identified as requiring extra help due to being unable to stand for long periods, once your VQ ticket has been called you will be put towards the front of the queue to reduce your actual queueing time. As a rough guide your actual queuing time should be no more than 10 minutes.

Who is eligible for an Extra Help wristband?

Individuals who may have mobility, physical, vision, hearing, cognitive, psychological, invisible or other types of disabilities are all taken into consideration for extra help. We hope you can understand that we have to ensure that the right people are able to receive help at the show so we will official documents that will be confirmed closer to the event.

Please note that the event organisers have the right to refuse access or additional help at their discretion.


What is the accessibility of the venue?
Full details can be found in the FAQ section of the Venue Website

Are service animals permitted?

Assistance animals are welcome. Please contact the venue directly should you have concerns or special requirements.

Am I able to rent mobility aids?

Please contact the venue direct for information on this.  Link to website

I have an issue on the day who can I talk to?

If at any point during the day you have any issues, your first port of call would be to speak to our Pit Bosses (our senior crew in red) but if for some reason they can’t help, you can ask to speak to our head of crew.  Please note that it is very hard for us to rectify any issues you have after the event so please do highlight these at the time so we can assist in making your visit enjoyable.


How do I apply?

Information on applying will appear here soon.