Comic Guests

Pindakaas en Sushi
Donald Duck, Tom Poes, Woezel & Pip
Dating For Geeks
Colourbee in the Pocket, L.O.C.O.
Username, Assassin's creed
Batman, Wonder Woman, JLA, Nightwing
Batman, JLA, X-Men Forever
 Immortal Hulk, Avengers: No road home
 Disasssembled, Bad Days
 Star Wars, 2000 AD, The Authority, Hellblazer
 Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry, Dolfje Weerwolfje
The Amazing Spider-man, X-men, Ironman, Green Lantern ,Batman, Wonder Woman, Dr Who
Spider-Man, Wolverine, Marvel Girl, Orphan Age
Donald Duck, Donald Duck Extra
Wynonna Earp. G.I. Joe, Monstro Mechanica
Melvina's Therapy
Hollandsch Metaal, Hollandsch Manga, Captain Ultimate
Judge Dredd, Grim Fairy Tales